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(see Ornamentals & Turf page for non-food crops)

Home and Garden Plant Diagnostic Site - University of Maryland

   USDA Weeds of the Northeast fact sheets
UMass Weed Herbarium
UMass IPM point systems to define IPM for individual crops
Wildlife Damage Management


Forage crops
   CT forage corn IPM
   VT forage pest management
   Cornell forage crop pest fact sheets

Small fruits
   New England Small Fruit Pest Mgmt. Guide

Blueberry (lowbush)
   ME Lowbush Blueberry fact sheets and newsletter
   UMass Cranberry Station

   MA Cranberry Pest Message
   ME Cranberry pest fact sheets


   New England Grape Resource Center
    NY-PA Grape Pest Management Guide

   MA small fruit publications
   MA Berry Notes
   ME Strawberry IPM

   NH Fruit IPM newsletter

Tree Fruit

   CT tree fruit pest message
   MA Fruit Notes Journal
   MA Fruit Advisor web directory
ME Apple IPM
   NH Fruit IPM newsletter
   RI Apple IPM
   VT Apple IPM

PRONewEngland Commercial Apple Pest Scouting Pocket Guide

    Cornell Pest Management Guidelines for Commercial Tree-Fruit Production
    2004 edition of New England Apple Pest Mgmt. Guide
- No longer has current pesticide information (use the 2007 edition), but this older edition prior to combining Cornell Recs. is still a useful reference because of its additional info on apple pest biology, monitoring, and diagnostic photos no longer included in the current version. 
   Fruit disease fact sheets - Cornell
   Fruit insect pest fact sheets - Cornell

   PRONewEngland Hobbyist Tree Fruit Pest ID card


   New England Vegetable Management Guide - online version
   Order form - print version of New Eng. Vegetable Mgmt. Guide
CT Vegetable pest newsletter
   MA Vegetable IPM Program
   MA Vegetable IPM publications

   MA Vegetable Newsletter
   ME Potato IPM
   ME Sweet corn IPM
   ME Plant disease fact sheets
   Northeast Sweet Corn Pest Monitoring Network

   Vegetable disease fact sheets - Cornell
Vegetable insect pest fact sheets - Cornell
   Northeast Vegetable IPM resource database

   Vegetable disease articles - Cornell
   Alternative Control Guide for Vegetable Pests - Purdue
   PRONewEngland Veggie Insect and Disease Pest ID cards


    Cornell livestock pest publications

   IPM for Fly Control in Maine Dairy Barns

   Avian flu fact sheet

   Other U.S. livestock pest sites

   Animal Disease profiles - USDA
   National Animal Identification System to track livestock epidemics, USDA

   Livestock Pest Problem Solver - Penn State

   Poultry Pest Control - University of Minnesota

Free book on farm insect management - Sustainable Ag Network


Link to PRONewEngland home page
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